Monday, February 5, 2007

"New" Job

There is no official rotation program at work but people seem to switch jobs a lot in the finance department. Typically when someone leaves or a new position is created, an email is sent out to the entire department with the job description and requirements; it is then up to current employees to contact the hiring manager if they are interested. Last year around this time, we went through a huge round of "rotations" and I ended up losing both my staff to the Broadband group. This time, I'm the one taking a new job.

The senior manager of FP&A is leaving the company to take another job up in NoCal so I applied for her position. After talking to the hiring manager, who interviewed me seven years ago for my initial position, I had three interviews with people in the finance department. I heard there were only two of us that interviewed so I only had to beat out one guy for the job.

This will technically be my fifth position at the same company, many of which were held in parallel. Hopefully the transition won't take too long; last time it took five months! We've already promoted the senior analyst that worked for me to take over my responsibilities. I will also only have one staff now instead of two which is fine by me. I've been working for the same manager for the past 6+ years. He says it feels like a divorce... ha, this is trivial compared to a divorce.

Incidentally, I will move to a new office this Friday. This will complete my tour of buildings A through E. I probably will keep everything in boxes since the entire company is moving to a new campus in two months.

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ocgal22 said...

Congrats on the new position! :)