Monday, February 26, 2007


Evidently OS X is not foolproof. I just managed to delete most of my Documents folder... I'm still not sure what happened. Anyway, all my song charts I made/found for worship are gone as well as my personal documents. I hope everything important has been printed out since I don't even know what I deleted. I'd better start burning backups to a CD-R.

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closetmusician said...

eh, missing that pc aren't we. i'm still not convinced to switch over to mac os x, seems like all the file and app incompatibility stuff is just a pain in the ass. i can maybe use it personally, but just can't deal w/ it for work. also, the lack of control just bothers the hell out of me, i'm a power user, apple makes me feel like they treat me with kid gloves. it's annoying.