Saturday, August 19, 2006

Del Mar (last time!)

Our finance department event at Del Mar went okay. Several people backed out at the last minute but we still ended up with about 75 people. I brought a camera but was too busy running around to take many pictures. I only bet on two races, winning one and losing the other, so I was up a whopping $0.30 for the day... :)

For the eighth race, we were able to send two people down to the winner circle to congratulate the winner and get pictures taken. I took a picture from our skybox balcony; they're the ones in beige and pink.

Also for the eight race, a group of us (not including me), managed to pool $240 and bet on the longshot to win (#6 horse). It was 25:1 when they placed the bet and the odds jumped up to 43:1 at post time. I think the horse came in 6 out of 8 but it was pretty exciting in our skybox during the race.

I've organized this event for the past four years. If I still have staff next year at this time, I'm delegating.

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