Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Agape/MBCLA Outing

Here are some pictures from this past Saturday. A coworker invited me to her small group's beach outing at Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point (next to the Ritz Carlton). It was jointly sponsored by another small group from a different church so there were a lot of people. Since both groups were Mandarin/Taiwanese speaking, it was a bit Chinesey™. I don't think I spoke English the whole time but everyone was pretty nice, putting up with my kindergarten Mandarin.

Singing... Chinese songs. Not sure why the guy's shirt is open. Nice houses in the background though.

My coworker is the one in pink

Mmm... BBQ meat!

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hogsman said...

Whoa there, fella -

You can't trademark "Chinesey" -- I've been using that term for decades. For instance, my friend and I once jokingly debated over who was more Chinesey; however, she admitted that her grandfather was a Taiwanese general, so that pretty much ended the debate.