Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Pre-Independence Day BBQ

I finally got to use my BBQ at the apartment. I invited several co-workers over for dinner yesterday and I grilled up some filet mignon, halibut, and jumbo shrimps. I've cooked steak and shrimp on the BBQ before but this is the first time I tried halibut filets. I even went out and bought a grilling basket so the fish wouldn't fall apart while cooking. I have one more piece of filet mignon left; maybe I'll grill it up for dinner tonight.

I've also starting cooking a bit more at home. I think it helps me feel less like a transient since I pretty much ate at work or ordered take-out for the first few months after moving. Too bad my kitchen in the apartment is tiny.

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ocgal22 said...

Hey! Happy Independence Day!!