Sunday, July 9, 2006

Old Camera

I found my "old" Canon T50 SLR camera I bought when we first moved to California in 1985. The camera came with a 50mm lens and I bought a 80-200mm telephoto zoom lens as well. It was a simple camera to use—although you had to focus manually—and took pretty good pictures.

Image from Canon's Camera Museum

I checked the frame counter and it showed "4" which means I took three pictures already. I think the film inside (if there is even film inside) is from before 2000 and I'm not even sure if it's a 24 or 36 exposure roll. I changed out the batteries and the camera seems to work. I guess I'll have to shoot the rest of the roll and get it developed.

All the recent pictures I took on this website was with a Sony DSC-W5. Earlier pictures are from a Sony DSC-L1 or Sony DSC-U20. I've been pretty happy with Sony digital cameras. The really crappy looking pictures were taken with my Treo 650.


closetmusician said...

wow, you still have an old school SLR? that's cool man, i almost don't know anyone w/ those these days.

zhoos said...

hi there

sorry to interject - but I hope you remember me from

the candidate that you came into my xanga to read up on, did she get the job?

also - are you from broadcom?