Sunday, February 19, 2006

Posting in Chinese

I had tried posting some stuff in Chinese before; it would paste in the editor but when I post, it always shows only question marks. I finally figured out that my settings were set for Western encoding instead of Unicode. Now all I have to do is to learn how to write Chinese better (or at all, since I can really only write my name).

Below are lyrics to a song by A-mei I really like, especially line #7. Loosely translated, it says "many things are better understood after rinsed/cleansed by tears". I ran it through Babel Fish and got "some many matters let the tear laundering understand"... say what? :)


人變了心 言而無信 人斷了情 無謂傷心
我一直聆聽 我閉上眼睛 不敢看你的表情
滿天流星 無窮無盡 我的眼淚擦不乾淨
所以絕口不提 所以暗自反省
終於 我掙脫了愛情
把愛 剪碎了隨風吹向大海
有許多事 讓淚水洗過更明白
天真如我 張開雙手以為撐得住未來
把愛 剪碎了隨風吹向大海
越傷得深 越明白愛要放得開
是我不該 怎麼我會眷著你眷成依賴

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