Sunday, February 19, 2006

2nd Moving Day

I moved some more small stuff over to the apartment today. I spent about 2 hours last night with the tape measure trying to figure out a way to squeeze all my furniture into the apartment. I think I just have too much stuff, especially in the office. I'm trying to fit all three tables, a lateral file, a bookshelf, queen-sized bed and dressers/nightstands into one bedroom. I think it will all fit but will be difficult to walk around the room. The living room will be about the same since I'll need to fit the futon in there as well.

The apartment is just not as comfy as the house. I think the main problem is the carpet. It's not bad... but not the same as the expensive carpet we put in when we bought the house. There also seems to be multiple "leaks" in the different doors so there seems to be a draft somewhere. Oh well...

The cable guy came and installed the cable modem. He had to run a line under the carpet and through a wall to reach the corner where I'm putting my office table. Once again, I just ordered cable modem without cable TV. Hopefully the basic cable signal will come through as well so I won't have to pay for cable TV. I won't know until I move the extremely heavy 36" tube TV next weekend.


ocgal22 said...

one word . . . loft (back to those UCLA days . . . )

totochi said...

Hmm... the dorm rooms were a lot taller than the 8' ceilings in the apartment. Maybe I should have gotten rid of the queen sized bed and kept the full sized one.