Thursday, February 23, 2006

House Fixed

The contractor finally finished fixing my house today. After the mold guy left, he had to rebuild the water heater closet doorframe, put up lots of drywall, and repaint everything. He even filled some cracks/holes in the stucco... all for $500. We'll see how it looks after the walls dry. One good thing is that I finally have hot water again in the house, after about two weeks of showering at work and at the apartment. I'll also get to do some final "free" laundry before I move out this weekend. I was going to take some pictures of the repair but I was too lazy.

I think I'm about 80% packed for this weekend. I ended up buying about 15 file storage boxes to pack books and other office stuff. You really don't know how much stuff you have until you have to move all of it somewhere else. I'm going from 1617 square feet down to 735 square feet so it's going to be tight. I can't imaging how our family of four moved from Mississauga to Los Angeles 20 years ago with only 8 check-in suitcases (all filled to 70 lbs.) and 40 boxes that we shipped. I think we sold or gave away everything. When my parents moved back to Canada last year, it took half a trailer plus my sister driving their car across the continent.

I'm probably going to buy something again once I get tax-shock this year, being single and not owing a house. Maybe this time I'll donate all the furniture and rebuy everything from IKEA.

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House Stucco said...

Wow great! $500 for all of it is definitely a good deal. It is really better to fix up everything since any structure damage can invite molds growth that can be harmful to our health.