Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Treo Pictures

I finally downloaded pictures I took in Taiwan/Singapore/Hong Kong from my Treo 600.

A Volkswagon Lupo... I've never seen one of these before except in Gran Turismo 4

Scooters lined up in the rain (Tainan)

Picture of my 2nd room at Shangri-La in Singapore, the one that smelled like cigarette smoke

View of Singapore from my 2nd room on the 21st floor

Carpet in the elevators at Shangri-La are changed daily so you know what day it was

View from the 3rd and final room at Shangri-La on the 19th floor

Hundreds of cargo ships anchored off Singapore harbor

McDonald's, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island

Walking down the street/alley in my old neighborhood in Taipei

Roadsign near where we used to live in Taipei (same street, different lane)

Some singer (Landy Wen) promoting her new album in Taipei

Dinner on Cathay Pacific flying from Taipei to Hong Kong in business class (it's fish and rice)

Picture of my passport from two weeks of travel (including six stamps from CKS Airport)

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