Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Train Hits Pedestrian!

Since my parents needed my car yesterday to run errands, I ended up taking the Metrolink train home from work. As we were about to pull out of the Anaheim station (one stop before Fullerton), the conductor announced this bit of news over the intercom:

"The southbound train just struck a pedestrian ahead of us and they're blocking all traffic. We're not sure how long the delay will be but it could take awhile." (or something to that effect)

I see everyone pull out their cellphones to make calls, including myself. I heard later that several people got off the train at Anaheim to find other transportation. I was kind of stuck since I didn't want to try and give my dad new directions to Anaheim station since I wasn't sure how to get their either. So imagine our surprise when after 5 minutes, another announcement comes over the intercom:

"You won't believe this but the person that was hit by the train was spun around then got up and walked away."

The train started moving right away, slowly at first, but after passing the southbound train, sped up to normal. I took a picture of the other train as it sat on the tracks. There were also a lot of poice/fire personnel as well as Metrolink investigator-type looking people.

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