Tuesday, April 19, 2005

PowerBook G4

The new Apple PowerBook G4 for Shirley arrived at work today. Both Shirley and I used to have Apple Macintosh computers before we bought our WinTel PCs. The PowerBook has Mac OS 10 (Panther); I think it was still Mac OS 6 when I last used my Mac IIsi back in the early 90's. After messing around with it for the whole day, I have to say that I miss Apple's OS. Even though I've been using WinXP for the past several years, Panther is so much more elegant and intuitive than anything from Microsoft. I'm using the built-in Safari web browser to update the blog right now. I also bought a wireless keyboard and mouse from Apple which means that there are at least 4 Broadcom chips: 3 Bluetooth (computer, keyboard, mouse) and 1 WLAN (AirPort Extreme 802.11g). The only downside is the price... I think Apple PCs are still about 50% more expensive than comparable WinTel machines.

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