Friday, April 1, 2005

Asia Trip

I booked my airplane tickets for our upcoming Asia trip. Since I'm going to work in our Singapore office for three days during the trip, my company has graciously paid for my plane tickets... business class no less.

My only worry is that I have to get from Tainan to Taipei to catch a 2:20pm flight. I heard that buses take 4-5 hours so if I leave at 8:00am, that leaves only about an hour to catch my flight. I also have to get from Taipei to Taichung; my flight arrives at 9:30pm and I need to get there for lunch the next day. One option is to rent a car and drive myself but multiple people have told me that driving in Taiwan = suicide. It'll be like I'm in The Amazing Race!

Shirley thinks I'll get beat up if I speak Mandarin with my funny accent and kidnapped if I speak English. I can only say, "Have you eaten?" and "My butt hurts!" in Taiwanese which is probably not too helpful. Maybe I'll pretend I'm from mainland China, visiting Taiwan to look for long lost relatives. I left Taiwan in 1977 and I've never been back; after 28 years, it will probably be like visiting a foreign country.

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