Saturday, August 3, 2013


Speaking of China, I signed up for a Sina Weibo account recently and have been checking it once in awhile to see if it's still there. I posted a few things that may be censor-able but I only have 11 followers so no one seems to care. Anyway, I think Weibo signed me up to follow some random people (Edison Chen?!) and one appeared to be a photographer. Well, it seems all "model" photographers and trade show booth babes are in Shanghai this week for ChinaJoy 2013. I think it's a mobile gaming trade show but it just looks like a lot of T&A and cosplay.

I found this collage on a Weibo feed. Some of the girls are cute but others look weird in a plasticky way. Real question is how many are moonlighting as mistresses for some corrupt CCP government official or business owner.

If Mr. Anon Y. Mous would like more, I can find some better pics.


Anonymous said...

do you really need to ask???

please post the better pics. the ones that high level CCP would take as ernais. not some rinky-dink village cadre. someone that BoXiLai wouldn't kick out of bed for smoking.

Anonymous said...

did you see that Edison Chen is now selling shoes in Shanghai:

Anonymous said...

Shit. Post some better ones