Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jane Zhang at 2011 MAMA in Singapore

I saw Jane in concert in Pasadena several years ago.

MAMA = Mnet Asian Music Awards. Lots of Koreans since Mnet is a Korean network. Jane won in the Best Asian Artist - China category. On her bio page, Mnet screws up twice:

- Jane was born in Chengdu, China
- Taiwan is not a province of China


Anonymous said...

you just couldn't let it go about the Taiwan thing.

hopefully you won't get some 5-mao tang stalking your blog now.

jz is still looking good. i can't believe it has been almost 5 years since we saw her concert. time flies.

any word on the KMF? you still going? i don't mind being your wingman/uncle.

Anonymous said...

I never knew Jane performed in the US (not counting Oprah)...
I was so excited for her Australian concert. But it got [sigh] : (

On the Taiwan thing, Taiwan actually "is" a province of China.
Just not how normally people think of it. But I guess that's not really relevant, since she's not even from Taiwan. = _ =

The MAMA organisers really didn't seem to pay much attention to the non-Korean acts. I'm not really a fan of these Korean-organised "Asian" music festivals/awards. They're always almost entirely Korean, with token acts from other countries. Like just one big advertising billboard.

totochi said...

Anon #2

You need to read the article more carefully: "This article is about Taiwan Province, and administrative province of the Republic of China."

ROC was founded in 1911 and is not the same as the People's Republic of China, founded in 1949 after the Chinese Civil War. One is recently democratic and the other is a communist police state. Both claim all of Greater China as their property but only one is threatening the other with war.

I'm assuming you're not Chinese... this has been a huge issue for 60 years. I'm also 100% positive that the Mnet website is not referring to ROC but restating the common view in mainland China that Taiwan is another province of the PRC, and needs to be controlled by the CCP in Beijing.

If you really want to find out more, read this Wikipedia article instead: