Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Heckler's Veto

OC Register

SANTA ANA – Prosecutors called it a “heckler’s veto” and a planned disruption of an Israeli diplomat’s speech at the UCI campus by 10 students with the intent to shut down the event.

Attorneys for the students on trial labeled it a carefully planned peaceful “interruption” and a “lawful expression of free speech.”

With those descriptions, opening statements got underway Wednesday afternoon in the trial of the students – seven from UCI and three from UC Riverside – accused of disrupting the Feb. 8, 2010, talk by Michael Oren, the Israeli ambassador to the United States.

What a bunch of whiny, arrogant, hypocritical jackasses. They're so full of themselves that they think there's no consequence for their actions. This is not about freedom of speech but a bunch of thugs wanting to shut down an opposing point of view. They have the option of inviting their own speakers or use other means to spread their message but they do not have the right to shut down someone else's event. After disrupting the Israeli ambassador and preventing him from speaking (basically censoring him), they have the chutzpah to hide behind a freedom of speech claim after denying it to someone else... then lie about conspiring to so it. Totally lame.

I hope they get kicked out of school and serve jail time. There are millions of Chinese students in China that would kill for a chance to go to school in the US. Instead, my state tax dollars are wasted on these losers.

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