Saturday, February 16, 2008

Chengdu Trip #4 - Hong Kong

This is the worst part of the trip, the flight from LAX to HKG. Cathay flies older 747's and in the past, the economy seats are really cramped. On their website, Cathay said that they were renovating all their seats, starting with JFK-HKG this year, so I was pleasantly surprised my flight already had the new economy class seats. The major changes are that the seats recline without leaning back into the seat behind you (so my knee is not jammed) and they have real entertainment on demand in each headrest. Additionally, this flight wasn't completely full like every other Cathay flight I've been on, so the seat next to me was empty. I even managed to get a few hours of sleep which is rare for me. I hope the 747 on the way back has been renovated too.

Right now I'm in the Cathay business class lounge near gate 65 waiting for my flight to Chengdu, and I think I just saw the same coworker again. He told me he's transiting to Singapore from Hong Kong. Leon usually goes to the other Cathay lounge near gate 4; I think this one has more food. :)

New larger LCD screen and detachable controller

Dinner: pork with mustard sauce... not very good. I'm sure my coworker is eating better in business class.

Bejeweled 2! If my parents were on this flight, they would be playing this for the entire 14+ hours.

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