Saturday, September 1, 2007

SRT Bike Ride

SRT is the Santa Ana River Trail and it starts somewhere in the San Bernardino Mountains, goes through Riverside County and ends up in Huntington/Newport Beach. We were supposed to meet at 9:00am in Yorba Linda but I missed my alarm so we didn't get going until around 10:00am. Next time, we're going to get started much earlier since the temperature was already crazy hot by the time we started. I think the hot weather is following me from China; it was probably close to 90˚F but not too humid.

We rode the trail, which roughly followed the 91 freeway then the 57 freeway, for about an hour and then turned around; I traced the path in Google Earth and it was about 15 miles round-trip. Most of the way was pretty flat except for the dips when we crossed under major roads. There wasn't really too much to see since we were pretty much riding in a large concrete canal. 15 miles doesn't seem very far but the hot weather made it worse and I ran out of water in my Camelback pack with about 2 miles to go.

To reward ourselves after the ride, we had In-N-Out for lunch. :)

Randy's new road bike. I rode my old Giant hybrid, which while not ideal on pavement, was probably much better then trying to ride my dual-suspension mountain bike.

When you get to Orange County, the Santa Ana River is essentially a concrete lined canal. However, there is still a lot of vegetation growth and wildlife (mostly ducks and crane/stork-like birds).

We rode right next to the Honda Center (formerly the Arrowhead Pond)

... and Anaheim Stadium.

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