Saturday, May 26, 2007


I'm finally home after the week-long trip to Chengdu. Our flight was delayed so we didn't leave Hong Kong until midnight. The flight is shorter on the way home; it was only about 12+ hours. This time, Leon and I sat in the 2nd to last row in Cathay Pacific's 747-400. Arriving in LAX, they parked the plane at the remote terminals away from the main Bradley terminal. Out of the last four international flights I've been on, three times I've disembarked at the remote terminals. You get off the plane, walk down a long ramp, then get on a shuttle bus for immigrations. However, it was the first time Leon has "experienced" this, even though he's flown >20x in the past several years. It's really embarrassing comparing LAX to some of the airports in Asia.

I think I made the right decision not to transfer to Singapore with Broadcom. It's a great opportunity but after this week, I'm reminded how hot and humid the weather is over there and how much I dislike long flights, especially flying economy class. :)

Some more random pictures:

Hennessey Road in Hong Kong

Lots of 747's at Hong Kong Airport

Lighted sign at the baggage carousal in Chengdu Airport (panda!)

Jardine House in Hong Kong

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ocgal22 said...

Welcome home! I hear you on the itinerary - I took a non-stop flight from Beijing to LAX last week and the trip length (11 hours, I think) was so nice compared with the 15 hours from Singapore (or the 17+ hours back to Singapore).