Friday, May 11, 2007

Boston Pops Fight

Boston Globe article.
One of the two concertgoers at the center of what has become known as "The Brawl at Symphony Hall" said yesterday that he intends to press charges against the man who punched him after being asked several times to stop talking during the Boston Pops' opening night gala.

"People with a temper like that aren't really safe in society," Matthew Ellinger , a 27-year-old graphic designer from Brighton, said yesterday. "If a guy is going to lose his temper at the symphony when somebody asks him to stop talking, that's just not cool. If I were to let that go, I would be doing nobody any service."

I've been to Boston Symphony Hall (once) for a Mozart/flute concert and I think I sat in the same balcony area. I remember somebody "shushing" me too but I didn't feel like starting a fight. :)

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