Friday, November 3, 2006

The PN Junction Diode

My friend Leon called me and asked if I still had textbooks from UCLA days, specifically a series of thin blue books we used in semiconductor physics (I thought it was EE121A but some of the classes are different now). I gave away almost all my engineering textbooks a few years ago but I knew I kept The PN Junction Diode, which was volume 2 of the series. I thought I had to dig in some boxes for it, but I found the book on my one and only bookshelf at home. The ASUCLA Student's Store price tag says $12.75; sells the same book (2nd Edition) currently for $25.80. I flipped through a couple of pages and none of it looks familiar anymore... there are lots of integrals and differential equations.

I think the only other engineering textbook I have left is Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits by Gray & Meyer. It's sitting on my bookshelf at work in case I need it to impress engineers that walk into my office. It was the textbook for EE115D with Dr. Asad Abidi; I think I failed that class but he was nice enough to give me a "C" and let me graduate. It's always a bad sign when a lot of your TA's are in taking the same class as you.


leon chiu said...

were you in that double EE class where the first thing the TA said was "I teach you Signal processing"
"you teach me English. Deal, OK?"

then a couple of the caucasians stood up and headed for the door?

i still think it is scary that you had an almost 20 year old EE book within arm's reach.

totochi said...

I don't think so. I do remember my TA for MSE14. It was an old Chinese guy and he told us to call Lao (old) Wang. I think some students called him Mr. Lao. Anyway, he wore the same sweatshirt every class. It said WANG across the the front, with iron-on letters, not the computer company.