Thursday, November 23, 2006

Niagara Falls

I've been in Canada since Sunday and it's mostly been visiting with relatives so far. This morning, my parents and I drove to Niagara Falls; I haven't been there since we left Canada 21+ years ago. I used to think it was really far from Toronto but it's only about an hour away. I guess once you get used to living in LA, anything within an hour driving is relatively close. Niagara Falls looks the same although there are a lot more highrise hotels and a couple casinos. It was sunny but still pretty cold and wet from the mist. If you go during the middle of winter, there is a coat of ice on everything from the mist.

Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side of the border. There was a double rainbow but it was hard to capture the second one with the camera.

The smaller American Falls along with Rainbow Bridge. The border runs down the middle of the Niagara River.

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leon chiu said...

i was at Niagra this August. my business partner just got married(he's 78 and his wife is 28). i couldn't help but noticed how nice the Canadian side was compared to the slummy American side. i guess that is the difference when you aren't spending $4 billion/week on a losing cause in the middle east.