Sunday, June 11, 2006

Mississauga in the News

Canadian Authorities Arrest 17 Suspects on Terror Charges

Canadian authorities decided to move quickly against a suspected homegrown terror ring and head off any attack on Ontario targets after undercover Mounties delivered bomb-making materials in a sting operation, according to a news report Sunday.

The Toronto Star said the Royal Canadian Mounted Police itself delivered the three tons of ammonium nitrate that authorities reported Saturday had been acquired by a group of Muslims apparently inspired by Al Qaeda.

Evidently, at least six of the suspects arrested were from Mississauga. Mississauga is the next city directly west of Metro Toronto and is where Pearson International Airport (YYZ) is actually located. I lived in Mississauga for almost 8 years and the most exciting thing that happened was the train derailment in 1979. Our family was part of the 218,000 people that had to be evacuated when a freight train derailed and exploded. Maybe these Muslim terrorists want to recreate the explosions.

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