Sunday, June 4, 2006

Koda Kumi - WIND

Here are Japanese lyrics to the video I posted below:

風に向かって 走るんだ
どんな 辛いこと あっても
明るい未来が そこにあるから

季節が変わる 時計が回る
流した汗も 白い吐息もどこかへ
夢は夢って 諦めかけた
諦めたって 何も変わらない

例えば 糸がほどけたとしても
心でいつも つながってたいよ
そんなの 当たり前のことだから


The character for wind (風) shows up a lot although hence the title of the song. They also have an English translation (there are a lot of J-Pop lyrics at the website):

I’ll run, facing the wind,
no matter how painful things are
Because there’s a brighter future there,
I’m able to picture the things I want to obtain
So I take one more step foward
towards happiness

Seasons keep changing, the clock keeps turning
Nothing can stop the time from flowing
Sweat trickles down my body, my sigh white with cold
A dream is just a dream, I said, starting to give up
Whenever I feel like that, I say I’ll quit,
but in reality, nothing changes

Just imagine, a thread becoming unwound
In my heart, I’ll always try to wind it up again
And even though it all sounds so logical
it’s not enough for me to just make an oath


Pretty cool lyrics (if the translation is correct), especially the line "One day, I’ll learn to love myself more and more and perhaps I’ll find a complete new me." However, the lyrics don't help explain the music video with its wacky inventions and the huge dog.

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