Wednesday, August 24, 2005

New Computer

Just got my new work computer. I had a Dell Latitude C610 for about three years. It is a 1.2GHz P3 that was starting to show it's age. Even after upgrading to 512MB, it took forever to boot up the computer and it was really heavy as well. My new system is a Dell Latitude D410 with a 1.6GHz Pentium-M and 1GB of RAM. So far it runs pretty fast and is very light; the only downside is the CD drive is in a separate unit. Now I have to move all my files from the old computer over and swap out both docking stations.


closetmusician said...

you should've asked for one of the new X41 thinkpad tablets...those things are hella sweet. or that new super-thin toshiba that's like 1/2 inch thick? man they make me drool, too bad i'm not important enough to make them buy one for me.

remember to use the file transfer wizard for transferring data, makes life a lot easier.

totochi said...

We actually only get to choose between a D410 and a D610 for notebooks. We were deploying HP systems for awhile but now we've gone back to Dell. I think there are several BRCM chips in the new computer as well (WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet).

I actually wanted a Powerbook G4 so I didn't have to run a Microsoft OS :)