Friday, August 26, 2005

MP3 Player

I bought a new mp3 player a couple of weeks ago by mobiBLU.

Yep, I bought the orange one. It reminded me of the 350Z LeMans Sunset color.

I saw the same mp3 player in Hong Kong but it was about US$200 for the 1GB version. The only place to buy the cube player so far is online at Wal-Mart; the 1GB model sells for $129 and the 512MB model sells for $99. They're about the same price as the iPod Shuffle but you get to see what song is playing, ability to organize songs into folders, and it has a FM tuner as well. I even uploaded some Chinese songs and it shows the Chinese characters on the display. It's definitely better than my Rio MP300 which only had 64MB (32MB internal + 32MB expansion card). I could only squeeze in about 15 songs.

BTW, the mp3 player is made in Korea. I guess not everything sold at Wal-Mart is made in China.

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me said...

it's really cute!!