Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Church of Southland

Weird. Wrote this a few months ago but never published it. Still attending Church of Southland fairly regularly.


Since about February of this year, I've been attending a new church: Church of Southland. My coworker/carpool-buddy has gone to this church for many years and suggest that I check it out. I actually visited the church once last year but I was still trying to get used to the 1.5G service at EFC Irvine so I didn't go back at the time.

So far it's pretty good. I got invited to a small/cell group Thursday nights. Church is mostly Korean-American, even more so than NewSong. I actually see a lot of NewSong NOC people at Southland, since NewSong NOC has fallen apart and shut down for a year now. Worship music is pretty good too, though a bit more old-school than NewSong, or even my old church (CCCSB) when I led worship. Thinking of helping out with sound mixing in a few months.

Church also seems very mission oriented. For a Korean church, they have a lot of missionary work in China.

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