Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Asia Trip Day 10 - Osaka > Taipei (November 2015)

Tuesday 11/3

Another travel day, this time from Osaka to Taipei. Kansai airport is pretty far from Namba Station so we had to get up pretty early to catch our flight.

We took the 7am Rapit train to Kansai. It was designed to look like an anime character.

First ride in a 787 Dreamliner. The flight didn't feel any different but the large dimming windows were cool.

We arrived in Taipei and found our driver. I was going to take the high speed rail or an airport bus but decided on getting a van instead. Our driver's name was Double (as in 2x). We asked for an English-speaking driver but I ended up speaking Chinese the whole time. Like Japan, we stayed at an Airbnb near Taipei Station. The building was a commercial building so the "apartment" was kind of weird.

2/28 Peace Park

Longshan Temple

Waterfall inside temple grounds

The temple was pretty chaotic, very different from the temples in Kyoto

Afterwards, we walked several blocks to Modern Toilet, a bathroom themed restaurant. The food was so so but the kids wanted to eat here.

After dinner, we walked around Ximen for a bit, and bought some fresh shredded pork and pork jerky

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