Monday, February 15, 2016


One of our analysts at work is a closet hip-hop rapper. It was on his resume when he applied and of course, we make him bust a rhyme during the interview, He hears me talk about going to K-pop concerts so he was curious. Instead of Girls' Generation or Apink, I showed him these two videos:

Sse SSe SSe - Yezi (feat. Gilme, KITTIB, and Ahn Soo-min)

They are some of the contestants on Unpretty Rapstar 2 on Mnet. I didn't watch much of it but heard is was rigged since some of the contestants already signed album deals with Mnet before the show, and of course they won... though the audience consensus was that the winner wasn't the best rapper. The show also starred Hyolin from SISTAR and Yubin from Wonder Girls. I'm beginning to like Yezi, and Soo-min is cute in the video.

Stand Up - Basick (feat. MAMAMOO)

I show him this mainly because of MAMAMOO. Anyway, I think the overall impression was favorable. He liked Basick but mentioned that it sounded a lot like Macklemore.

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