Thursday, July 10, 2014

KCON 2014

I remember the days when almost no K-pop group performed in the US. Now, it seems like there's a concert every month. I guess I shouldn't complain since LA gets more than its fair share of concerts. They are getting more and more expensive though. :(

KCON 2014 is in August and now extended to two nights. I just checked ticket prices and GA floor seats are ~$350 each for both nights. It's hard to tell from the website which artists are performing which night since I only want to see SPICA and IU. Anyway, I think I'll pass on this and most future K-pop concerts at large venues since it invariable gets filled with screaming teenagers who block your view... or I'm just getting too old.


Ooh, a poster. Looks like IU and SPICA are on different nights. I guess I would go Sunday night if I had to choose. I've seen SNSD at Hollywood Bowl many years ago but it would be great to see SPICA in person.

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