Sunday, May 11, 2014

Driving Under Intravenous


Police pulled over a Jiangsu man for driving while attached to an intravenous drip on April 30, according to CCTV news.

Gang Fang was apparently traveling on a highway in Jiangsu province—located in east China—with a bag of fluid sticking from his sunroof, and a tube leading to his arm that Wednesday afternoon.

Gang told police that earlier that day he visited a hospital due to stress. Doctors told him to lie down, and take time off work, but the 38-year-old complained he didn’t have time. Attendants then gave him energy in the form of a drip, but the businessman still didn’t have time to wait in the hospital—he snuck over to his car, placed the bag on a stand behind his front seat, and poked the fluid from his sunroof.

Police then pulled him over for dangerous driving.

“I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong,” a witness overheard him say.

Gang now faces a driving ban, and a summons for dangerous driving. Motorists who travel while attached to a drip are apparently four times more likely to be involved in an accident than those who drive drunk, according to CCTV News.

“This is incredibly dangerous,” a police spokesperson said. “Not only was he taking medicines that could have affected his driving directly into a vein, he was unable to steer properly because he would have ripped the tube out.”

Dangerous driving? He was getting "energy in the form of a drip" which is what, like drinking a Red Bull? I'm pretty sure it's just a glucose solution. Do they have laws against driving with an intravenous drip in your hand?

Also, the story mentioned that "motorists who travel while attached to a drip are apparently four times more likely to be involved in an accident than those who drive drunk." Four times! Do they have actual statistics or is CCTV reporting BS again? How many intravenous accidents would you need to determine a statistic like that?

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Anonymous said...

i noticed that in the article also. they actually have enough people caught with an IV in their arm while driving to have a stat for it. i call BS on that stat also. still it might be true.

you pretty much can see just about anything on roads in mainland China. i remember a couple of years ago; an ox escaped from the truck and was running full speed on the 4th ring road in Chengdu (Raochen gaosu/toll road). the ox was freaked out with no where to go because the sides of the road had guardrails. there was an asshole in the breadcar right behind him blaring his horn. ox probably would have had a heart attack in another 10 seconds. i went back to tell the workers in the factory and they all shrugged their shoulders and said no big deal. they had seen pigs, ducks, chickens, fish, etc. what was the big deal about an ox?

still haven't seen another half pig on the back of the motorcycle dragging on the ground. what was kind of funny, it happened near the sign of a high tech park.