Friday, February 21, 2014

KMF 2014

ThreeTwo idol groups announced for Korea Times Music Festival at Hollywood Bowl:

- 2AM must have been a typo?
- Dal*Shabet
- Crayon Pop

Still not enough for me to go. Waiting for either Sistar, Spica, or AOA.


Anonymous said...

your anonymous reader would like to emphasize that he still doesn't have any birthday plans. Dal*shabet seems pretty cute based on the tiny photo.

crayon pop just seems too weird. may change my mind with the right miniskirt.

Cindy said...

I am thinking of going this year since I'm a B1A4 fan!
Since you had experience, just wondering if DSLRs are allowed to bring in and use during the show?

totochi said...

Hmm, there are a few more artists named already.

The last time I went to KMF, I was stopped and had to check in my DSLR. However, when I went through security the 2nd time, they didn't bother to check my backpack (different line). I think it's hit/miss but definitely they are screening for DSLRs. I think they didn't check the first time I went 5 years ago.

Maybe you can bring a high-zoom point-and-shoot? I did that several years ago and it was okay.