Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Farming The Bee

Took only 4 tries using Gaige in Normal mode. I've lost count how many times with Axton in TVHM. Sigh...


Anonymous said...

what you talking about Willis?

i have no clue about your post. i'm getting old. no clue on game references. please go back to k-pop girls with short skirts

totochi said...

Heh, you were never much of a gamer. Ironic that I bought a Mac at UCLA because you guys got tired of me coming over to play Dark Castle(?) all the time.

I'll translate.

Game is Borderlands 2. Gaige is a character and so is Axton. They have different attributes and skills. The game has three difficulty levels: normal, true vault hunter mode, and ultimate vault hunter mode. The bee is a unique/legendary shield that drops randomly but more often when you kill the guy in the screenshot. To get the shield, you have to kill him repeatedly and hope for a drop. Anyway, I got it on the 4th try with one character but nothing yet on the other one after many many tries.

Yeah, watching k-pop videos is much easier.