Friday, November 30, 2012

AOA - Ace of Angels

Wow, a K-pop girl band that plays instruments! That's pretty cool. I wonder if they actually played for the studio recording or if they hired musicians. Also, I haven't seen a performance where they play live (except for the drummer) instead of using the instruments as prop; you can tell by the lack of a power cable to the keyboard. They do sing live though and it's not too shabby.

The group setup is a bit confusing too. There are 8 members that form two subgroups: a 5 member band and a 7 member dance group. The drummer doesn't dance... how cool is that! Most bassist I know don't dance either.

Get Out - AOA

The top comment on YouTube tells you each girl's name and what she does in the group.


After watching the MV a few times, it reminds me of when I first saw SNSD. I can't tell the different band members apart in each shot... most of them pretty much look the same.

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