Monday, August 6, 2012

SBS K-pop Super LAME Concert

So I finally decide to buy tickets to this Friday's concert at ~11:30am this morning. At ~11:45am, I see on their Facebook page that the concert has been "postponed" until later. How !@#$%^& lame is that?

This was just posted:
Absolute Kpop

Tickets can be refunded on or, depending on the method you used to purchase your tickets.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and disappointment we caused all of you.

Please await an official letter of apology from SBS.

More details regarding the postponed concert will be posted as soon as possible.

5 minutes ago

Luckily Home Depot Center is only a 15 minute drive. I feel sorry for people coming from out of town who also bought plane tickets and reserved hotel rooms. They hold so many of these "super" or "dream" concerts in Korea that you would think they have their act together.

Sigh... looks like I won't get to see Sistar live :(


Just called AXS and was told that if I purchased tickets via phone or online, it will be automatically refunded within 7 days. Well, looks like concert is cancelled instead of just postponed. I also read that this happened before. With such high ticket prices, why can't they hire some professionals and get their act together?

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do you still have the book? need to pick up your other reader's Game of Thrones book too.