Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Woohoo, it worked!

Intel Atom N280 @1.66GHz

Right now most of the computer is working. I have wifi, Bluetooth, and sound. The Fn keys do not work yet and it only has Snow Leopard 10.6. I'm going to try and update it to 10.6.4 first and see if everything still works.

Sure it's not as sleek nor fast as a MacAir but it was an extra computer and I'll probably just use it to play music and surf the web.


Well, 10.6.4 was a bust. I installed the update and the netbook would not boot anymore. I went back and reinstalled 10.6 but forgot to erase the HDD first so I had to start from scratch and re-partition the HDD. I think I'm back to a stable 10.6 install.

I've installed Chrome and editing the blog with my Hacintosh/eeeMac now. :)


Dennis Fisher said...

If you decide to revisit this idea ever, search for "atom legacy kernel." 10.6.3 dropped support for Atom in the kernel, but if you install everything in just the right way, you can get 10.6.8 up and running on a 1000HE. I still have issues with it that I'm trying to sort out, but it works for the most part.

Dennis Fisher said...

Or maybe 10.6.4 dropped the support. Somewhere right in there. If you did 10.6.0 to .1 to .2 to .3 to .4 I guess it was probably .4 that dropped the support. Either way, there is a legacy kernel for at least .7 and .8.

totochi said...

Thanks for the comments but I've given up. I tried various audio codecs with 10.6 but each time I unplug the power, the sound outputs starts to stutter and re-plugging the adapter didn't help. Maybe it's some BIOS setting for the 1000HE. I bought a MacBook Air and installed Ubuntu 12.04 on the netbook and it runs great... no drama.