Thursday, December 14, 2006

Corporate Planning

Monday night was the annual Corporate Planning department dinner. The group no longer exists at Ingram Micro but we still meet each year for either lunch or dinner around Christmas and exchange gifts. This time it was at TGI Fridays in Costa Mesa. The dinner started at 5:30pm and we didn't get out of there until after 10pm, listening to new stories and re-telling old ones. This year 11 people showed up and about 1/2 are still at Ingram Micro.

First pick at Christmas gifts

Ingram Micro was my first job after MBA school. I spent about 4 years there, starting as a Financial Analyst 1 (which I didn't know was lower then a "Financial Analyst") and left as a Finance Manager in IT. Everyone put in a lot of hours, especially when we were all in the same department but I learned a lot and it was mostly fun as well. I get the sense that Ingram Micro is a totally different place (for the worse) and those that are still there from the old days are scattered across several departments now.

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