Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I took my 350Z into Carmax this morning for a quote. I've been wanting to sell it for awhile but never got around to it. It's also the car we bought for Shirley to drive so I don't really want to keep it. The whole process took about 45 minutes and they came back with a number that was ~$4000 below Kelley Blue Book. Other than a brand new fender, the car is in excellent condition. The appraiser tried to show me a KBB quote for a "fair" condition car and that was still $1500 above what they were offering. The entire time I was waiting, the "salesperson" was trying to get me to buy a car from them as well.

A co-worker suggested I try Craigslist. She bought everything there, including her car.


ocgal22 said...

I took my car to Carmax before we moved to Singapore. They also offered about $4K lower than blue book -- the valuations they offered were based on the Wisconsin market rather than the southern California market. What a waste of time. Try Craig's List. You can also list via Auto Trader

Anonymous said...

Yeah man I bought my Z from craigslist, it's the only way to go. Deal with real people!

But... why are you selling your precious baby? heh